Sherri EllisSherri’s artistic talents have pushed her ahead as one of the most creative & artistic talents of her time. Sherri’s never ending passion & drive to create “Bold” cutting edge images  is what she does best!  Her belief is that a woman’s true beauty comes from the inside out. She is able to be strong , but yet soft. Sherri is a woman with a great “Vision” that  pushes herself to be all  that she was created to be! Her passion for hair  started when she was a little girl. I started braiding my own hair as a little girl and  my dolls hair. I was amazed see all the different hair styles that one doll could wear!  Then I started doing anyone’s hair in the neighborhood that would let me.   Sherri’s relentless drive to pursue her craft has been ongoing for a decade. Her love  for the” beauty industry” is very pure. Sherri really does  believe that you can pursue this type of career  a passion , drive & love for it. You must love people , because it is a peoples business! It has been truly a blessing to bless people with my talent and  build a person self esteem through transforming their image. Anytime a client is able to trust me with creating a brand new image for them that is a very big deal & it is magical!  I know that building a strong image for a client will help them to be able to accomplish their professional & personal goals! Sherri has stood the test of time & still continues to push the envelope in creating evolving images for her clients. Being a  professional hairstylist has been very rewarding for me  & I would not trade it in for nothing in the world!!