Making your hairstyle last longer

We know once you leave Divine Perfections hair salon you are trying to keep your hairstyle looking good for as long as possible! We want your hair to look as good as the day you leave the salon. Here are some tips to keeping your new hair style last just a little while longer.

  1. Tie your hair up at night. If you have gotten your hair curled then make sure to pincurl it at night. If you have a twist out try the pineapple method to extend your curls. If your hair is bone straight then wrap it! 
  2. Use satin at night! Wrap your hair in stain to protect every hair strong as well as your 
  3. Don’t go crazy using products. Having oily hair is not the best look. Having too much product on your hair weighs the hair down and also makes your hair ose the shape and style quickly.
  4. Avoid overwashing. Not only does washing your hair too much strips it of its natural oils, if you just got your hair colored then it will speed up fading!
  5. Plan ahead.  While you are at Divine Perfections if you want a style that will grow out well make sure to express that. A short style is always cute but it might have an awkward growing out stage, if you are worried about that perhaps try something less drastic.
  6. Avoid putting your hands in it! We know you love your new style but constantly combing and touching it will undo the curls you just got. Avoid playing in it to ensure your hair is maintained.

Taking note of these few quick steps can help your style last longer. If you love your new style and post it on Instagram or Facebook make sure to tag @divine_perfections!