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Divine Perfections is the leading upscale hair salon in College Park that offers natural hair styles, sew in weave, silk press, hair cut and color. The expert hair stylists of Divine Perfections prides themselves on offering hairstyles that inspire confidence and glamour within their clients with their wide range of experience and know-how in styling multi-cultural hair.

Admit it: the thought of gorgeous, flowing, so-perfect-it-can’t-be-real natural hair makes you weak in the knees. Or you’ve been dreaming about luscious weave extensions so beautiful, you’ll end up on the cover of your favorite gossip magazine. Or maybe you want braids so luscious and divine, complete strangers will practically get whiplash as they stare at you walking by.

But if you weren’t blessed with the kind of hair that makes men weak in the knees, not to worry: Divine Perfections’ A-list hair services will give you the kind of glossy locks that will transform your every step into a red carpet affair.

At Divine Perfections, the leading hair salon in College Park, GA, we know that having the right look can bring the world to your feet. That’s why our expert hair stylists in College Park, GA will provide you with that flirty hair cut and color, those natural weave extensions, or even those to-die-for retro braids.

Once you experience our hair services, you’ll feel like our namesake: Divine Perfections!

Divine Perfections: Our Hair Services Are Taking College Park, GA By Storm

Here at Divine Perfections, we don’t just consider ourselves the leading hair stylists in College Park – we provide our clients with the kind of killer confidence and glamour that will make complete strangers stop and stare.

Our hair stylists have a wide range of experience and know-how in styling all types and textures of hair. Our unique and glamorous hair services include the following:

  • Quick weave
  • Hair cut and color
  • Silk press (this is our specialty service!)
  • Sew ins
  • Weave extensions
  • Natural weave
  • Braids
  • Hair twists
  • Relaxers
  • Cornrows
  • Dreadlocks
  • Kids hairstyles
  • Shampoo and set

We even shape eyebrows and do lashes, which will take your look from fabulous to drop-dead glamorous.

With so many amazing hair services available in one hair salon, it’s no wonder more people turn to Divine Perfections when they want to look and feel their absolute best!

The Divine Perfections Look Starts Right Now

It’s time you experience the leading upscale hair salon in College Park. When it comes to your look, don’t settle for anything less than Divine Perfections.  Contact our team of hair stylists now to discover how we can transform your look today. Call our hair salon in College Park, GA at (770) 884-7353 or simply drop by to check out the hair services we have on offer.


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