What is a silk press?

You may be familiar with the traditional “press and curl” which uses a hot comb. We all have felt the heat of a hot comb and the grease on our hair. Unlike the “press and curl,” a silk press is done with a flat iron. The term silk pres is a play-on-words of transforming coily curls into a silky look without using chemicals. The hairstyle is lighter and gives your hair a healthy shine.

Can a silk press damage my natural hair? 

The answer is no, when it is done correctly. A silk press is done on natural hair only and is done in a way that allows less heat to be applied to your hair while still giving you silky results.

So how does it work?

Starting with clean and hydrated hair is key for a silk press with bounce and shine.

1. A clarifying shampoo will be used if there is build up in your hair from styling products. 

2.Deep conditioner will provide the hydration your hair needs.

3. Heat protectant is applied to protect the health of your hair.

4. Blow dry your hair.

5. A flat iron is used in small sections to ensure that heat is being distributed equally and to prevent multiple passes.

How long will my silk press last?

The question depends on you! If you lead an active lifestyle then is will probably sweat out quicker than if you do not get hot or sweaty. If you are someone who does perspire than it could last until your next hair wash! Anything from a week to a month.

How to maintain?

Make sure to wrap your hair before applying you scarf at night to keep your split ends at a minimum, retain moisture and preserve your style.

Where can I get a silk press done?

Here at Divine Perfections Hair Salon silk presses are our specialty. We have worked with many clients to help them achieve a healthy straight hair look while maintaining their natural curls. Give us a call to book today!