How to protect your natural hair with weaves and extensions

Do you love sporting straight hair styles sometimes? At Divine Perfections, silk presses are our specialty but we also know that they last maybe two weeks at most. If you are looking to wear a straight look for a longer relaxer is an option but also somewhat permanent. 

Weaves and extensions, however, are other options which many women consider when they want to change things up with different textures, colours or lengths, or to just give their hair “a break” from constant styling and manipulation. We are able to blend the extension hair with your own, and voila! You are able to rock a straight look for more than two weeks!

Adding hair is the easy part, but weaves and extensions do require that you take care of your hair underneath. Forgetting to take care of your hair can lead to longer-term damage on your own. We often see clients with weave-related damage such as hair loss. 

If you are considering coming into the shop to get a weave here are some tips to keep it looking great while still taking care of your hair:

  1. Choose high quality hair! Human hair costs more than synthetic, but it is gentler on your hair and will also look better for a longer period of time. The extra cost pays off at the end of the day.
  2. Be gentle with your hair. Once your weave is installed, gently comb or brush your hair. If your hair tangles, don’t yank the brush through when you detangle it. 
  3. Put down the products. Keep it simple, you don’t need to use a lot of different products to maintain your weave and should use minimal heat (curling irons, flat irons) to preserve the extensions.
  4. Don’t try to keep it in forever. Two months is the general length of time for keeping weaves installed. This will also help in preventing damage to your hair from dryness or breakage.

Weaves allow you to give your hair a break and are protective if maintained correctly! Call us today to schedule your appointment.