Barbara Lewis The Visionary

Barbra LewisIntroductions are rarely needed for Barbara Lewis, owner and proprietor of Divine Perfections and J’Myle Hair Salons. A revolutionary within the hair care industry as well as in the community, Ms. Lewis has created and perfected the concept of total hair care management and styling. Her diverse knowledge with multi-cultured hair and commitment to her profession propelled her to develop a systematic and individualized approach to each clients unique hair care needs. Ms. Lewis possesses over 30 years of experience, which has made her one of the most influential stylists in Atlanta. As the company name implies, she specializes in divine designs for the perfect self expression. To know Barbara Lewis (Ms. B) is to know a woman of extraordinary inner strength, beauty, spirituality and ceaseless determination. She attributes her boundless energy and motivation to the ethics instilled in her as a child by her mother. To have faith in the Holy Spirit, and “thyself” are the principles she most embraced.

A very warm and compassionate woman, she is constantly involved in a variety of community outreach programs. She continues donating her time and resources for the benefit of the disadvantage in numerous charitable ways. Living and sharing her philosophy The power of giving, the willingness to share, and the importance of blessing others, these teachings laid the foundation to Ms. Lewis’ vision of creating an organization that would give to others at their greatest point of need. In 2002, she formed Divine Perfections Love Outreach Foundation. With a passionate desire to give to others, Ms. Lewis used her own fund and DPLOF was created. DPLOF is a faith-based organization and demonstrates the principles of spirit filled love, faith and compassion. The Foundation acknowledges that what happens, “outside the church is more important than what happens inside the church”. With this in mind, DPLOF seeks to bring ministry to the community in South Metro-Atlanta and help the residents experience God’s love in non-traditional settings. It is simply Barbara’s genuine spirit to “reinvest” in the people of her community.

Ms. Lewis inspiration to create a fine work of art through exceptional servitude epitomizes the essence of perfectly divine hair care and designs. Her desire to continually challenge herself and her contemporaries to aspire to greatness is unsurpassed. These achievements represent the evolution and culmination of her dreams to enrich the lives of others through the enhancement of their own natural beauty.

“Perfecting Service is the Divine Gift to the World”

The Designing Concept:

Every stylist undergoes a comprehensive interview conducted personally by Ms. Lewis. This process ensures that each member of the “Design Team,” embodies the necessary personal and spiritual attributes essential to maintaining her genuine philosophy. The resulting aromatic atmospheres in the salons are pleasant, professional and comfortably accommodating. You will instantly realize the “difference” upon entering.

The “Design Team” consists of 10 stylists and 1 Exceptional barber, who are properly credentialed for their individual employment.  The salons are conveniently located at 571 Garden Walk Blvd, College Park GA and 6612 Hwy 85, Riverdale GA, well within reach of your daily commute. As always the level of professionalism, personalized attention, comfort and convenience will assuredly satisfy the needs of the most discriminating patron. After all, these are the hallmarks which have allowed Barbara and her team to “ignite and revolutionize” the entire hair care industry in Metro Atlanta.